Safe in the Harbour at last

Valdivia : what a nice name.

Marina Estancilla , on the river 8km downstream from the small city of Valdivia. A very small marina in a very quiet spot. Serene. Pastoral.

What a contrast to the violent movement from waves and wind of , particularly ,yesterday.

This big front swept over us , part of a really big deep Southern Ocean Low Pressure system just to the south of us. It was deeper and stronger than any of our sources indicated. It was really smoking. The barometer went from 1015 to 985 (30 mb) in about 18 hrs , then rebounded to 1002 this morning. Looks like a big Vee on the barograph

The Jordan Series Drogue went over the stern. Why not ? Chuck it over , go below and read a book. When the HOWLING of the wind drops a few notes , get the raingear on and go upstairs to retrieve the drogue and carry on sailing.

It is as close as we can get to a good response to the eternal demand in harrowing circumstances :”Beam me up”.

Since leaving Cabo San Lucas Mexico on Feb 5th we have covered 6499 miles in 59 days . Not a blistering pace by any means , but we had no gear failures or injuries.

Now we change gears and live here in Chile for a while. I was never really certain that we would get here so I haven’t made many plans. Looks like lots of walking. New birds. I have already seen umbrellas for sale. We plan to sail south down the channels towards Cape Horn starting in Aug or Sept.