We have about 2 months to go before heading down the North American coast.

I believe I have solved the fuel system air leak. I made several changes , one at a time , and had to wait 2 days for each change to see if it solved the problem. This last time I became a little impatient and made two changes , which has so far fixed the leak. I put a new check ball and gasket in the Racor 500 fg. I also changed a fuel line that goes into the Racor. The old one had some surface rust in the threads , which could have affected the seal. My hunch is that it was the check ball and gasket that fixed it. The old gasket looked a little perished (see previous posting for photo).

I just re-read ‘Two Years Before the Mast’ by R.H. Dana. The detail about handling a sailing vessel in difficult conditions is great. Dana obviously took pleasure in a well-run ship expertly sailed.

We have collected some books over the years that I hope to take with us for reference.

On Baja Sur , Mexico:

‘Into a Desert Place’ Graham McIntosh an amazing solo walk on the perimeter of the Baja peninsula
‘The Forgotten Peninsula’ J. W. Krutch
‘A Desert Country Near the Sea’ Ann Zwinger
‘Sea of Cortez Marine Animals’
‘Baja California Plant Field Guide’ Norman Roberts
‘Log From the Sea of Cortez’ Steinbeck
‘Mexican Birds’ Peterson

On Ocean Voyaging :

‘Longitude’ Dava Sobel
‘Sailing Alone Around the World’ Slocum
‘Early Man and the Ocean’ Thor Heyerdahl
‘The Silent Landscape (HMS Challenger)’ Richard Corfield

Mostly on Patagonia and Cape Horn:

‘Sailing the Pacific’ Miles Hordern
‘Rounding the Horn’ Dallas Murphy
‘Two Against Cape Horn’ Hal Roth
‘The War With Cape Horn’ Alan Villiers
‘By Way of Cape Horn’ Alan Villiers
‘The Last Grain Race’ Eric Newby
‘Along the Clipper Way’ Francis Chichester
‘Icebird ‘ David Lewis
‘Southern Ocean Cruising’ Poncet and Poncet
‘Voyaging Southward From the Strait of Magellan’ Rockwell Kent
‘Cape Horn : The Logical Route ‘ Moitessier
‘Because the Horn Is There ‘ Smeeton

‘The Fatal Lodestone’ Eric Shipton
‘The 8 Sailing and Mountain Exploration Books’ H.W. Tilman
‘The Uttermost Part of the Earth’ E. Lucas Bridges
‘The Totorore Voyage ‘ Gerry Clarke
‘In Patagonia ‘ Bruce Chatwin
‘Idle Days in Patagonia’ W.H. Hudson
‘Attending Marvels: A Patagonian Journal’ G. Gaylord Simpson
‘Patagonia: A Cultural History’ Chris Moss
‘Patagonia’ Moon Handbooks

‘Chile’ RCC Pilotage Andy O’Grady
‘Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego Nautical Guide’ Ardruzzi and Rolfo
‘Los Canales del Sur Chile’ Alberto Mantellero
Notes from ‘Chaski’

‘Birds of Chile ‘ Alvaro Jaramillo
‘Seabirds’ Peter Harrison

‘Galapagos : a Natural History’ Michael Jackson

‘Evolution’s Captain’ Peter Nichol
‘Fossils, Finches , and Fuegians’ Richard Keynes
‘The Origin of Species ‘ Darwin
‘The Voyage of the Beagle’ Darwin
‘The Beak of the Finch’

‘Solitude’ Robert Kull
‘The Cave’ Jose Saramago
‘Drake’ Ernle Bradford

Blog Offprints

‘South Georgia Cruising Notes’ Andy O’Grady
‘Moondog’s blog
‘Hawk’s blog Leonard
‘Nine of Cups’ blog
‘Fiona’ s blog
‘Visions of Johanna’ blog
Online historical materials about the “Wreck and Mutiny of HMS Wager 1740- 46” – several accounts.
Patrick O’Brian based one of his early novels on this story.
‘Lonestar’s blog

A variety of natural history books on fishes , cetaceans , birds.

If anyone who reads this list sees some obvious gaps , please let me know.