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42 thoughts on “get in touch

  1. A wonderful site, thank you for sharing. Very inspiring. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Steve,

    Great to see your site up!

    If you’d like to have a link to that video I made a long time ago of our daysail in the 30 knots wind on Baynes Sound, go ahead and use ours on Youtube (

    It’s not very high resolution, but it’s fun to see her booming along without a care in that wind!

    Also, if you put a guestbook of some sort on the site, then the many people (like me) who have had such a great time sailing with you can perhaps leave a testimony about their experiences sailing with you.

    I’ll be up in Courtenay from August 28th to September 6th looking after my former dogs, maybe I’ll be able to see you guys then before you go!


    Alex Christie

  3. Great site, and we look forward to following your progress. Linda Thompson

  4. nice site, look forward to following your travels,good looking make sense boat,wish I would have known of Swains designs before I started mine….

  5. Most interesting reading Steve!! I will look forward to Merediths updates on her classification of fun …I joke that if I sweated I must have had fun!

  6. Hey John, it is super to be able to follow your triumverant exploits. Thanks for making vicarious adventures possible. And, the photos are gorgeous. Enjoy! Kelly

  7. Hi Steve, John and crew….just hello and a wish for fair winds and a handsbreadth of water under the keel! Maybe see you in Mazatlan or there abouts. Ive been home three weeks and am itchin to go again!

  8. Steve and Meredith!
    I really have no idea who you are, but I believe Robin Humphreys is a mutual friend! I am from Sonora Island, just north of Quadra.
    I left San Diego on Nov. 4th on “Wendaway” a Norseman 447, and just today we have reached Cabo San Lucas…a bit shocking and loud after the beautiful anchorages on the way down.
    It would be great to meet up with you guys somehow… I believe I heard you on one of the nets…maybe Southbound, or Chubasco
    I will be getting on “Maja” a Hallberg-Rassy 41 and heading over to P.V. in a few days. Maybe see you over there?
    All the best

  9. Hola Steve,
    Your La Paz post was symply profound. I loved it. Sherpa is in the driveway covered in 15 inches of snow and it is -14 out. The electric heater just barely keeps up. Her interior is going in slowly but surely. I think of you folks often.
    Fair winds,

  10. Hi Steve,
    Cristina and I met you on Isla Partida while you were anchored in Cardoncito Cove when we paddled over on our orange kayak to scout the cove. We ended up anchored there a few days after you left to pass Cristmas with Ka’Sala. We like your website very much and we’re planning on following you south. Happy sailing and I’m sure we’ll see you on the water. We’re on a Red Ranger 33 ‘Bamboleiro’ out of San Francisco.
    Fair Winds,
    Carl and Cristina

  11. Hi Steve and Meredith,

    I hope I have caught you before your departure from Mexico.
    I finally got to reading your blog, and glad to have caught up a bit.
    Sounds like things are good and I wish you fair winds and following seas.

    Eric and Daphne

  12. Great site Steve, we’ve been following you along. Have a great trip. FW’s+FCCCCC’s.

  13. Hi Friends,
    Understand you’re making for Pitcairn along your track. Would you be good enough to send me a message when you get there with: 1. Your names. 2. Name of your vessel. 3. Her specs (tonnage) length, etc. 4. What your last port of call before Pitcairn was. 5. What your port of call after being at the Island will be. 6. Any throughs relative to sea conditions, whether or not you get onto the Island, anything unusual that happens in connection with your call at Pitcairn. All this to bo into the next edition of my book “Pitcairn-Port of Call,” a maritime history of Pitcairn Island, listing every vessel calling there from 1790, when the mutineers arrived, to the present. Thanks in advance for whatever you can/will do with this request. Herbert Ford, Director, Pitcairn Islands Study Center –

  14. Been following you since left Puget sound on GNBN. Herd you last night on Pac C., great propagation. We are leaving in Aug. heading for S.D. then onto Mex. Perhaps we will talk on HF sometime. I try to give back by helping with relays for Pac C. / Manana/C&h/GNBN. Wondering about setting up a w/site for our boat, Perhaps you could give us a tip on how you set up yours. Good luck God speed on your trip to Chile. I know it must be getting cooler at night.

    Dave, Leiann, Patches & Tausha S/V Chrysalis II

  15. Good to “hear” from you both and to read something about your life on the boat. Things are good at this end. Dave – happily doing his annual Olympics with his clients. Me – playing. A week in Palm Springs, lots of music, fitness and friends. Spring is very late – snow half way down Grouse this morning. Have not talked to the other Millar siblings or Barb for a while – hope to be in touch this weekend. Dave Barker dropped his taxes off at Dave’s office, so he must be out and about.
    love to you both,

  16. Well done – and with style. Love the blog. The adventure is hard to appreciate from a distance but I envy you both for your courage and strength. Summer is a long time comming on Vancouver Island so you are not missing much here.

  17. Thanks Lyle! It feels good to arrive and go for a big long walk. It is very much autumn here – leaves falling and rain all the time. You’re the one with the better weather now! All the best to you and Lark. (Plans for next season? South Pacific?).

  18. Bravo..You made it. What an accomplishment.
    Have really enjoyed reading the blogs from Steve, and Meredith All that is Gold..
    All the best to you both..Have a good rest now, and get your land legs–
    Pat..old friend of John’s..Langley B.C.

  19. Just did a little update viewing of your travels and Meredith’s blog.
    Sounds and looks like things are good.
    Great to see that Barb has joined you for a while.
    Do you still plan to spend the winter in Chile?

    All is well for us. We are swapping houses with a family in the UK for 3 weeks in August, and will go to Paris as well.
    Let us know your plans.


  20. Hi Steve,
    we think that you take your boat out in the days when we are leaving Valdivia. But it`s good to know that everything is ok now. We are still in Peru and go tomorrow to Bolivia – so we are now on the way back. You stay still in the town or again in Estancilla? We hope your spanish ist perfekt now.
    See you soon , Christoph & Barbara

  21. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for the narrative of your travels, offshore and on.
    I am sure there are days when it is a chore and I just wanted
    to let you know that there are some of us invisible lurkers
    that have been following your “Most excellent adventure”
    with much enjoyment.
    Any comments pro or con on the AIS system that you set
    up, and how often did it activate once you left the
    Mexican mainland?
    Your very thorough preparations before departure seem to
    have paid off, and best wishes for continued success.
    Bob Mutter s/v Counting Coup
    Courtenay, B.C.

  22. Hello Steve, Meredith and Harry,
    I’m doing my armchair version of your trip with my book – This Thing of Darkness (Harry Thompson). It’s a novel about FitzRoy and Darwin on their voyage to that area. Sam and Nathan met up in Laredo, now are off on the next leg of their trip.
    All is well here. So glad Harry only lost his wallet. Come back safely, you three.

  23. Hi Steve,
    Not much farther south for you to go unless it is a trip down to the Antarctic, and I understand permits are hard to get to do that. Very impressive that boat and crew
    have performed so well in such a hostile environment. You probably are well equipped with charts for South America, but it recently came to my attention that Argentina has released their marine charts for download. Just in case you do not have the complete collection, here is the url to the download site. If you don’t need them some others that you meet with just might. Hope to see some good pictures of Cape Horn..Best Wishes..Bob

  24. Hi, first of all sorry for my english :(( .
    I’m from Italy, it’ possible to know something about the boats?
    I’ want build one, your Silas Crosby it’s perfect for me, i think…
    It’s a good yacht?
    It’s good in bad weather?
    It, fast under sail?
    It’ easy to build?
    Were I can find a boat plans?
    Ok, stop question for now, if you can help me thank you!!!
    Have a nice day.

  25. Yesterday I saw you sailing trough the Beagle Channel. I was on the Ferryboat -Yagan and I have beautiful pictures of your sailboat with the big nice mountains on the back. If you are interested write me back. I am pleased to send them to you!

  26. We are in Calgary, planning our trip back to Guaymas Mexico to pick up Aleydabeth, and of course reading your blog. Wow! What an adventure! Lyle is plotting you on Google Earth as we speak. Saw Doug and Lynita in April- just ran into them in Superstore Comox! Plan to winter along mainland coast of Mexico and points south. Wishing you fair winds!!!! Lyle and Lark.

  27. Hello Adventurers,
    I was just talking to Lynn Leduc and she told me of your journey.I am just looking through the pictures and reading the blog and wanted to say hello.
    I went to the clinic to get an appointment with Dr.Roe and was told he is unavailable till Nov.No worries my aliments can wait…. :)I wondered what new adventure Mr.Roe was on and am happy to hear of it.It looks like incredibly beautiful country.
    Thanks for the wonderful virtual sharing and may the winds be with you.
    Cheers Brent

  28. Steve:

    Hope you enjoying Alaska. I see you met Greg Soroka as your approached landfall. Greg is just finishing a circumnavigation as you may know.

    I hope your trip south is good as your trip north. I guess your life back in civilization will be interesting after time at sea. One thing is for sure, you will be back with less to do than being offshore. Maybe too little?

    All the best Steve.


  29. Hi Steve,

    Lurking here all this time. I see that comments are sparse for 2013. I’m home again after a couple of months up at my cabin in Tlell. If you ever need a place to get away from it all on land, you are welcome.

    Last summer, as a 65th birthday present to myself, I put together a 14 day self-guided trip in Gwaii Haanas. Big water and I’d love to go again.

    Purchased a small 15 ft sailboat from the Comox Dinghy Club. Upgrading some of the gear so I can get her in the water. An old heavily laid up FG boat built in N. Van sometime in the 80’s. Used extensively by the Jericho Sailing Club where I sailed in those years too. Aluminum mast, boom with only the centreboard and rudder being wood. Also out on an 80’s Drascombe Lugger. Great for sailing/camping at 20 ft.

    Sorry I missed you when you were home briefly last summer. Now you are on the homeward stretch – “Doing South” as I say, since I only like to “Do North” from here when paddling. Glad your drogue worked well. If you skip Cape St. James on the way home you may not need to use it again? Safe Journey. Being back here will be a huge change! I have culture shock just coming back from Haida Gwaii!
    Later, Barb

  30. Hi Steve, thought I might sail up Calm Channel to welcome you back if you’re headed that way Wed. or Thurs. Dinner in Gorge Hbr. is always a possibility…..H&W

  31. Hello again! Finally I found this well done site! Brilliant. Many greetings from Whangarei NZ. Anico is on the hard, lots of work to do, Easter Island was more than expected and seen at the time. Anyway, enjoying NZ is also on the to do list.

  32. Hey Steve
    We met you in Kayak cove on Hunter island. You were kayaking, we were sailing. Love to hook up sometime and talk about Patagonia
    Hope your crossing past Cape Caution was flat calm

  33. Gary and Karina, I have just looked at my old blog , and am resurrecting it since I got a new boat.
    When are you heading south?

  34. Hi Steve,
    this is Carl and Cristina from Bamboleiro. Its great to see you’re back on the water, this time faster than ever! Since we saw you in Honolulu we sailed to San Francisco, where we’ve moored Bamboleiro in Emeryville and we moved ashore. Cristina’s teaching Spanish to the locals here, and I’ve picked up work as a mate on a tugboat. It was a pleasant surprise to see your site active again. We hope you keep up the writing an photography. Is a Sea of Cortez winter in the cards for Fly? If so make sure you have time to stop by and see us on your way.

  35. Spotted the Silas Crosby passing Bowen Island this afternoon and caught a photo. I found your blog while trying to identify the photo details. Industry Canada shows the vessel owner still in your name. Enjoy your new adventures.

  36. Hello Steve,

    I took some photos of Fly in Baker Passage on Thursday morning. I’ve sent them to If that’s not the correct email address please let me know.

    Fly looked beautiful and was going like the clappers.

    With very best wishes, Martin Baggaley

  37. Hi Steve,

    This is Eddie from Athanor. (Bahia Santa Maria 2001) Looks like you’ve been keeping up the travels.

    I’m looking at a little power boat up in Campbell River. I’ll try to look you up if we decide to come look at it.


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