where are we now?

The map below is updated with our position via Yotreps/Shiptrak. If the map on this page is not working (it does take a few seconds to load), you can go directly to the pages (through links above) and use Steve’s ham radio call sign – VA7SKM – to locate us.

In theory, a message is sent via our ham radio with our updated position to the yotreps/shiptrak system and is then entered into their mapping program. There is no expectation by these systems that a boat will check in, and indeed many things can make it difficult or impossible to get the message through – propagation, computer/gps function, human initiative. Therefore, be not concerned if we have not checked in recently.

5 thoughts on “where are we now?

  1. Hey Steve
    Just found this site. duh…pretty obvious – silascrosby.com
    Who would have thunk?
    Hope all is well for you.
    Sounds like you are on your own. I haven’t read all your posts yet…so the answer is probably there.
    Thinking of you. Hope all is well.
    xoxoxo Beth

  2. Meredith, Steve,
    it was our great pleasure meeting you in Puerto Natales. We would have very much liked you to stay longer. It is now pretty lonely at the anchorage since everyone left. Well, at least everybody who got a working engine. We figuered out that we will be stuck for quite a while since spare parts need to be shipped from Europe and custom clearance may take some time. But we enjoy Natales a lot. Take good care and have a save onward journey,
    Nana & Andreas

  3. Pretty cool to check the shiptrak map now! I wonder if the map will do something exciting (pop up an exclamation mark?) when you get to the lat/long of the Horn?

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