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First, a quick review of the ground we have covered in the last year (click on the month to go to the relevant blog entries).

September, 2010: left Cape Flattery for San Francisco. Month was spent in the bay area.

October, 2010: cruising down the Californian coast – the Channel Islands were a highlight. Finished off at the Police Dock in San Diego.

November, 2010: Crossed the border into Mexico and spent the month cruising down the outside of the Baja.

December 2010, January 2011: Sea of Cortez. Awesome.

February 2011: Passage Baja California, Mexico to Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

March 2011: Passage Galapagos to Easter Island.

April 2011: Passage Easter Island to Valdivia, Chile.

May to August 2011: Steve chills winter-styles in Valivia while Meredith gambols around South America.

September 2011: Southbound again! Steve and Meredith left Valdivia in September and arrived in Puerto Williams in March, 2012. The months spent in the channels were challenging and awe-inspiring. And well documented – Steve really upped his blogging game.


Here is a bit of what Steve wrote out originally in summer 2010 as the “PLAN”. Most is still relevant:

Well , for the sake of discussion , let’s assume that by our arrival in Pto Montt the mast is still upright, the water is mostly outside the boat , the crew is on speaking terms.
Many people say that they are going to keep going ‘as long as it’s fun’. I say ‘ what do you mean by fun?’.

Meredith and friends have developed a classification system for fun. I hope she will elaborate on this theme.
It is important.
My simplistic approach ,which I think I stole from reading accounts of Patagonian mountaineering, is that ‘it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun’. Even if it is only fun in retrospect , that counts as fun. The ‘fun/suck’ ratio becomes blurred and incalcuable. What sucks is fun and what’s fun, sucks. Cold bad windy weather is fun with good clothes and good company. Hot weather on a beach sucks if it is boring or lonely. Millions disagree, thankfully.

So there we are, perhaps, in Pto Montt , which by all accounts is culturally and climatically quite salubrious. Perhaps we can spend weeks to months in that region and make side-trips to Santiago etc. Perhaps bide the winter there and make an early start for the southern channels in late winter. The weather in the channels is apparently more settled in winter albeit with less daylight.

One thousand five hundred miles, more or less, in the channels brings us to the Cp Horn area with a lot of intrigue enroute.

‘Many a slip twixt cup and lip’ means that we might get there , or not. I would like to have a look. Not to get the ear ring , just to have a look.

It has all been done before , but not by us!

August 2012: Steve returns to the boat after a northern summer spent gardening. Rick Roe joins him and they travel north through the channels again to Puerto Montt.

November 2012: Steve and Rick arrive in Puerto Montt. Rick returns north. Steve will spend the next few months (with a break for a Christmas at home) cruising the northern Channels.

February 2013: Silas Crosby will start out across that big ocean yet again, but this time headed north. Steve’s plan (very loosely) is to travel home via the Marquesas, Hawaii, the Aleutians and Alaska. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “the plan

  1. wow. well. it is open. it is possible. all of it. none of it. some of it. it will happen. we will see, only in retrospect, how it may turn out to be. see you in mexico, maybe somewhere else in sa.

  2. Very jeolous, cruised down there a couple of years ago. Awesomely wonderfull part of the world. Antarctica is not to far from Ushuaia! And not to difficult a trip, as long as you go in a sensible boat like yours. Get mariolina rolfo and giorgio ardrizzi’s guide if you can, it’s by far the best.
    All the best


  3. Steve,
    Second year anniversary of the CARE-A-VAN today-400 people seen to date. Worked the shift with Jack this evening.
    Must travel vicariously through your blog. Very interesting. Best wishes! Helen

  4. I met you briefly in Sausalito. I really liked the aluminum dodger on your boat. I just sailed my Brent Swain 36, Lucky Star, to Hawaii. I enjoyed reading the fun part of your plan. Tim Sell

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