the crew

This journey will demand different minds and hands at different times. Crew members will be added as they come on board…

Steve Millar:

Two and a half years later, I’m still out here sailing on the Silas Crosby. We’ve sailed some godawful number of miles to get all the way south to Cape Horn and now we’re on our way home. Eleven thousand miles to go! The thrill hasn’t faded. There are still abdominal butterflies before every ocean passage. But now we are heading into a really long summer , culminating in the western Aleutians before swooping back down to Vancouver Island.
The boat is good. The skipper is alright. The crew has been and is and I expect will be excellent. No whining has reached my ears , unless it has been me muttering to myself.

No rocks have been hit ( except when I was at the helm), no gear has been broken (except if I broke it).

The voyage so far has been all I expected, less mishaps than I could have hoped for, and high adventure in spectacular country.

The question remains: how to live on the return home?

Meredith Lewis 

Meredith sailed with Steve from Victoria, BC, Canada to Puerto Williams, Chile from September 2010 to March, 2012. Her current exploits can sometimes be followed on her website.

John Millar

John helped Steve build the boat and spent many summers exploring the BC coast aboard the Silas Crosby. John sailed from Vancouver Island to La Paz, Mexico with Steve and Meredith from September 2010 to December 2010.




Rick Roe

Rick made the hard northward journey from Puerto Williams, Chile to Puerto Montt, Chile. In seven weeks they covered what Steve and Meredith had previously spent almost seven months navigating the year before. Not an easy leg.



Doug Swanson

Doug is not on facebook, he does not have a blog and is not actually sure how to tweet but doesn’t think he’s ever done so.   His life’s ambition is to pass through his existence as footprints in the sand at low tide. Along the way he has been a pilot, sailor, amateur geek, (very bad) poet and, as he says it, “my greatest achievement, Lyneita’s mate for thirty years”.   Point of interest: Doug will be celebrating his sixtieth birthday at sea en route to the Gambiers.  He can’t think of a better birthday present.
Doug will sail with Steve from Chile to Hawaii – a lot of open ocean miles.


18 thoughts on “the crew

  1. Mer I think your first actual overnight on a sailboat was when you were about 2 months old. Again it was with your uncle Steve and your mom. You puttered about in the Gulf Islands for several days, mostly sleeping, sometimes sitting in your carseat in the cockpit, sometimes lying in the bottom of the dinghy being rowed around til you fell asleep. You’ve been on boats a long time. Sleep has been a feature.

  2. Great ideato help us share your adventure. I am just getting to know my Blackberry and am on the Sttreaker at the moment on the way hOMe from the island.

  3. This is a fantastic idea. I’m looking forward to following your adventures. Please give those of us that are hoping to launch our own dream soon as many technical items as you feel plausible. Especially tell us what works and what doesn’t out in the real world of open ocean sailing. Even the most mundane tasks that you have found better ways of doing would be of intrest to Betty and myself. Prairie Maid is almost finished and could be launched now if required but I’d like all of the work to be done before we move her. Good Luck to All of you.
    Martin and Betty Forster

  4. What a great adventure. We were in Comox for a few hours on our way home to Alaska and looked in on Silas Crosby. Your great grandfather would be proud. SC looks to be in Bristol Shape. We had many adventures coming home including 2 different high wind events. We learned that heaving to with a double reefed main does not work on Sherpa but that she can take 10 hours of being pushed downwind on her beam ends just fine. It was just the crew that suffered. I’m looking forward to your news. Thanks for the great site! Good Luck and Fair Winds!

    Joe, Jami and Jai

  5. YES! I love Silas Crosby so far. Looking forward to following the exploits, hearing the stories and competing with Kim for the title of “most prolific blog commenter”.

  6. Good luck and enjoy your voyage. We’ll be following along and living vicariously through you until we can launch our own boat.

  7. Hey guys (and Merdith), We hope you have an amazing time and have lots of exciting tales to bring back…you know the city…oh so dull :) Wishing you the best of sailings and that you come home in one peice! xxoo Daisy and Rita

  8. Daisy and Rita , Thanks a lot for the good wishes !. Look , get your Dad to bring you to San Francisco. It is a cool city. Not as cool as Savary, but still OK. (Sorry we didn’t get to Savary this summer). You must have been at school for a couple of weeks now . That’s enough for now isn’t it ? Kidding.

    Cheers to you two ,and your Mom and Dad

    It is nice to know that you are watching our website.


  9. Hi Steve and crew…..hope you have a safe journey, fine weather, tight sheets and happy seas! Keep the blog going for us now armchair sailors.

  10. I was just telling a friend about your little sailing adventure, so I checked online for updates. The photo of John is tagged as Steve and I had a good look to be sure. Then I looked into Meredith’s Blog and was entranced by the incredible photography and the poetic prose and poems. I must say that I like the way you write, Meredith. Will you keep the bike?
    All the best to you all,

  11. What a great time I had sailing with you to Alert Bay….If you ever need crew let me know….you were a pleasure to sail with. Here in Comox Valley cold and sunny the last few days….Catharina and I are heading south in our new boat (camper) named Adavan……SV Bonvie is gonna sit in the harbour till the summer. Thinking of taking my anchor and throwing it out at the camp sites but they may think I’m weird. I’ll keep in touch …just went to Steve Rankin’s 70th….birthday. (and I won’t eat any licorice).


  12. Aloha Steve,
    While looking for Richard & Doris on the Firewater I saw your site. If you’re still in contact them would you let them know that Mona, Ah lun and the rest of Hokualaka’i’s crew wish them fair winds and following seas. Lets party.
    Mahalo nui e Steve and let your sails be full
    Ah lun

  13. Hi Steve:

    We had a ham radio QSO on Feb. 5th. I would like to chat with you again if that is possible. Could we have a sked on 20 metres some time?
    It could be morning or afternoon. Thanks.

    73 Jerry/VE5DC

  14. Hello Steve and Meredith from Jessica’s ( now realize if I say s/v Sterling, you might remember me from our cocktails in La Paz) Mum! What an amaxing adventure you are having!

  15. Good sailing Steve,
    Weather here is a very cool May. On the east coast for a month. Let me know if you need any crew for the return (remember I make the best breakfasts). The house boat that was sitting at the marina is now in my backyard. The lady gave it to us. Thinking of some nice paint designs…like Noah’s ark etc. China Cloud is sitting on the mud flats. You haven’t missed much here.

  16. rummaging around in the undergrowth of Estero Quintupeu we were jolted to attention by the sight of the mighty Silas Crosby, cutting a clean wake into our immaculate estero. Our estero! (you can rapidly get a bit territorial in Chile you see). panic stations all round we went to investigate and found the canadian armada had arrived, with two masts blazing. An attractive vessel, on closer inspection she turned out to contain the most wonderful witty drysuit clad canadians inside. A joy to meet you both, thank you, good luck, see you further south (if you would just slow down!) and look forward to more clam chowder (hopefully the cabbages will have run out by then and you’ll be spared!!)

  17. Hi Steve we sailed down to Mexico in the 80s on board Akvavit in company with Spray Venture, Magic Turn and others, Congrats on your trip quite an achivement. Will be following your trip now I have found your web site.

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