Slouthern Ocean

Technically we are in the Southern Ocean , but that is perhaps a bit of a dramatic label, at the moment. Our position is 30 degr 6′ S and 109 degr 52 ‘ W and we are in 18 knots of North wind sailing wing and wing on a course of 165 degr true at 6.5 knots. A big SW swell arose this afternoon – a huge period, they look like small hills in a Saskatchewan wheatfield.

We haven’t seen any marine life for a couple of weeks , since before Easter Island. Occasional Booby birds , Shearwaters and Terns.

Emily on ‘Bobby’ is only 75 miles from Easter Island and is moving at 4 knots , so she should arrive there tomorrow. She has been over a month from the Galapagos. Her work will start when she gets to Easter , to get her boat seaworthy. Forunately I think she will encounter a lot of helpful and skilled people at Easter Island. Still , it will likely take a couple of months for her to sort things out.

We are heading South , and the weather maps indicate that as we sail around the high pressure system in a counter clock wise direction , we might be lucky and carry a fairwind towards the coast of Chile.

Or maybe not.