Silas Crosby has returned to Comox: Voyage End

I sailed from Otter Cove near Chatham Point, in Johnstone Strait, with a fair following wind all the way to Tree Island, just outside of Comox Harbour, on Wednesday.

This day was an excellent sailing day and was a great way to finish off the great voyage. In sunny weather flying wing and wing south down Georgia Strait; what could be better?

I used the engine for an hour or so, right in Seymour Narrows, with a favorable flood tide. While the White Sided Dolphins were powering and leaping north in the morning sun , we were flying south at 11 to 12 knots over the ground with wind and current. Yes.

Then one last night on anchor at Tree Island, a calm star-lit night, with only the sound of loud motorbikes on the inland island highway , 4 or 5 miles away, to disturb the stillness.

I secured alongside at the fishermen’s dock in Comox at 0745, quietly , in the morning sun. Even Bob and Esthere on Morning Maid were not disturbed by my arrival, and slept on. Their cat walked along the dock to have a look, but otherwise all was quiet.

However, people soon awoke and slowly the odd early bird wandered down the dock to say ‘hello’, and ‘welcome back’ and ‘how was it?’  . Like Bob M., Duncan W., Moira G. Fred M., Haidan and Rea, Barb and Anne.

How was it? It was great, it was incomparable for me, it was a fulfillment. It all worked out. Nobody was hurt. No real gear failures. No major mishaps. No pirates or even bad guys. A few gales and one real rip-snorter, just as dessert. Piles of great sailing miles upwind and downwind. Perhaps a shade too much motoring for my tastes,but the motor did it uncomplainingly as long as I gave it sufficient clean fuel and enough oxygen.

Plenty of stories about people and places and adventures.

It is good to be home, and that was ENOUGH. But never too much.


Now the boat is for sale: Nineteen years of family sailing and voyaging and adventuring with several kids spending much of their summers aboard. It has done just what we wanted , and more. We never really planned to visit Cape Horn when we built the boat. We DID plan to round Vancouver Island and sail to Haida Gwaii, which we did several times.

I’ll write up a proper advertisement and post it ,in a while, when I’ve got the boat cleaned up and squared away.

So now having been home a full day, I have acquired a cell phone, joined the senior’s group so I can get a discount at the gym ( to get fit for skiing), got a new debit card( the old one was eaten by an ATM in Puerto Montt last January).

I have located a padlock for the companionway door on the boat and applied it. I lit the fire in the woodstove at home today because there is a cold SE wind blowing with rain.

Now I can sit with Barb by the fire , with plenty of hot running water available, a watertight well-anchored house, broadband cable wifi, grocery stores down the road, good friends, close family. Now I can figure out the next adventures, by sail or ski, or foot.

Here are few photos to finish off:


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  1. Thanks Steve for the best cruising blog on the ‘net.I really enjoyed your writing,photos and videos.All the best to you and your family.

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