Approach to Unalaska Island

We have had a good day/night/day of sailing, but now at 0300 Tuesday morning it is calm and we are motoring. Land was sighted last evening at 2000 hrs , at first low dark land , but then a snowy volcanic cone reared up high above the cloud. We are skirting along the south coast of Umnak Island about to approach Unalaska Island. Even now there is a gentle glow of dawn to the east and the partly clouded sky is backlit by moon. There is no wind. We are at 52 54 n 168 06 w, motoring at 4 knots at 050 T It is 10 c outside and the baro is 1015 and steady. We have sailed for 21 days and this is our 22nd day from Hawaii. We have traveled 2300 miles. We have 55 miles to go to Raven Bay. Important tasks to do once we are anchored, not necessarily in priority order, are: look around, get the heater running, BATHE, have a drink, launch the dinghy to walk ashore, sleep at night, change the oil and filter on the engine ( overdue), general inside clean-up. We will have only a few days for a look around before we need to get to the metropolis of Dutch Harbor. I have just read the “Thousand Mile War” about WW II in the Aleutians.

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