We have been rolling and sliding and pitching and yawing out here 85 miles south of Adak Island for over 2 days now , within a 25 mile radius. Drifting slowly under the Jordan Drogue east then north , and now west. The wind hasn’t gone below 30 knots and the seas are really quite large, with many big breaking crests. However tomorrow the forecast is for a decrease in wind, so that we can get under way again. But we are out of time for the western Aleutians , so we plan to sail the 300 miles east to Unalaska Island, and spend a few days in a secure CALM anchorage on the south shore , exploring ashore. It will take us 3 days and 2 more nights to get there from here, if the weather cooperates. Two or three ships have steamed by each day, within 10 miles or so. We are on the shipping route from Asia to North America. 50 38 n 173 05 w, 8.5 C baro climbing rapidly to 1003 mb from 978 yesterday. Still west wind at 30 to 35 knots and 6 or 7 m seas, and a lesser south cross sea. Occasional clear periods , but mostly murky weather. All is well. I wish that we had more time to explore around here when the weather improves.

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