Last Quarter

We are at 45 28 n 170 12 w , motor sailing at 340 T at 4.8 knots. Baro is 1020, creeping upwards as we remain enthralled by this high pressure system. Air temp tonight at 0400 hrs is a fresh 10 degr C. Dawn is just breaking ,in the east, as usual. Since we are MOTOR sailing the engine radiator heater is keeping the cabin at 21 C, even with the door open. Deluxe But the suspense builds as we close the coast of the Aleutians. We are still 450 miles south of Adak. There is a depression coming our way, way to the east near Asia, with winds that could be a little strongish. Do we press on and try to get to shelter before the weather deteriorates? Do we stop and wait for it to pass by to the north of us? Do we hope that it doesn’t get too bad and just blithely bob along? I don’t do blithe. Blithe aren’t us. I could just stop looking at grib files and weather faxes, and just take what comes. A bit too late for that strategy. We’ll press on and be prepared to turn tail, if needed. Or deploy various bits of sails and drogues for the sake of drama. Oddly, we feel as if we are in the ‘northern ocean’ even though we are still only on what could be a normal track from Hawaii to Juan de Fuca. Psychologically though we are way out on the edge, in fantasyland. We left the fog behind earlier yesterday, and so were able to see the first Tufted Puffins of the trip,along with Storm Petrels, the ever present Black footed Albatrosses and possibly a Mottled Petrel. We are seeing only occasional bits of plastic debris. Dinner was good but not worth recounting in detail.

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