Sailing Fast

The breeze started again Thursday morning, from the SE , and built to 25 knots in a couple of hours ,but then settled down to 20 knots. Now it is from the south at 20 or 25. We’re at 40 02 n 167 11 w baro1027, and slow decline, 3 mb in 8 hrs Now at 1/2 hour past midnight on Friday morning we are running wing and wing at 6.5 to 7 knots in smooth seas. It is foggy, and 15 degrees C for both seawater and air temperature. No moon. We have sailed 1200 miles and have 800 to go. We saw a flock of about 50 Laysan Albatrosses with a few Black footed Albatrosses mixed in. A Juan Fernandez Shearwater, the occasional Sooty/Short Tailed Shearwater, and a few Leach’s Storm Petrels.

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