Honolulu to Hanalei, Kauai

Short story:

motored away from the Ala Wai marina , saying goodbye to several new friends, with whom I’d had a lot of fun on Oahu.

17 miles west of Ala Wai brought us to Ko’olina Marina where we were able to get diesel fuel. At the moment fuel is difficult to get at Ala Wai.

No problem at Ko’olina.

We had to motor to Ka’ena Point on the west end of Oahu, and , entering Kauai Channel the wind arose to 20 to 25 knots and we scampered across to Kauai Island in the night.

The only casualty was the Sunshower, which went overboard on a deep roll. Someone forgot to tie it on (me).

Lambert did well, he stayed up a good part of the night allowing me to snooze. No seasickness.

We were anchored at Hanalei Bay by 0900 hrs and it is a beautiful spot, with a perfect 10 knot east wind cooling things down.

A few photos:

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Hawaii Departure

Tomorrow morning we’re leaving Honolulu.

Lambert V. will be aboard to sail with me overnight to Hanalei Bay on Kauai Island. Then in a couple of days, Koos V. should arrive at Hanalei Bay by air. After a couple of day to explore there, we’ll maroon Lambert on Kauai and Koos and I will set out hopefully for the Aleutian Islands.

It is about 2000 miles to Adak or Dutch Harbor , so will take ,more or less, 3 weeks.

I’ve been 4 weeks in Honolulu and have managed to get out hiking on probably about 10 days. I need to go to sea to rest my legs.