11th day , Marquesas to Hawaii

The fresh NE winds continue, so good progress here. Wet and salty conditions aboard, No dry place to sit in the cockpit. Occasional , but not rare, gouts of substantial bits of wave make their way around our defense works,dampening our driest clothes. The climate has cooled by 3 degrees generally , which is a huge improvement in comfort. Well, comfort or lack of it is the general trend. Whatever. (this word used intentionally) 10 11n 148 41 W 6 knots , 320 T, wind NNE 20 k We sailed last night under only the two jibs ,as many cruisers do offshore. Worked OK , but as the wind backed to the NNE again from NE, the reefed mainsail was hoisted , more jib furled and we’re balanced. The marathon bombing , lifting of Burma sanctions, striking airline workers in Germany, introduction of Google goggles to software developers, hundreds killed in Africa, earthquake deaths in China. Which issue is important? Or are dry undies more important? We are on our last packet of coffee beans, but with only a few days to go, we’re not worried. It happens to be a packet of beans from Portland, brought personally by Peter and Pam. Yay. 12 beers left : at one each per day we WILL be in Honolulu in 6 days. Non-negotiable. I had better go upstairs and trim for speed. Oh , I just read ” The Unnatural History of the Sea” by Calum Roberts. It makes me feel a LOT better about NOT fishing. Not fishing offshore is a bit like a US politician admitting that they are not christian. Shock and gasps of dismay are expressed by the community. However I feel much better now that I’ve learned that the world’s deep ocean fish populations are on their last legs from overfishing. Such a relief; no pressure now for us to contribute to the annihilation. ###

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