Over The Line

We are in the Northern Hemisphere as of 1330 hrs this afternoon. It feels good. About the same as in the southern hemisphere. Felt good there too. Only 1500 miles to go. Not that it matters. Since we have been at sea in a small boat for our entire lives, at least as far as we can remember. It feels slightly cooler now. Really. The wind is 15 to 18 knots east. We are cruising at 6 knots on a beam reach. Our position is 00 19 S 142 17 W. Heading due north. We will continue to head due north until the wind dictates otherwise. The forecast is that in a couple of days, about 300 miles north, the wind will strengthen a bit and be definitely NE. Therefore we will then bear off and ‘head for the barn’ at Honolulu. As we crossed the equator today we had a short speech from the captain and we propitiated the deities with a shared libation of Chilean beer. It was the first equator crossing for Doug under sail , and the 5th time for me. It is not a difficult feat , but it is symbolic. But I’m not sure what it is symbolic of. So we are ‘ over the line’ , but not in the way that Anne Q would object to. Occasional bird , but not interested in us, therefore I couldn’t identify them. Too far away. That’s it for now. ###

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