Arrived Fatu Hiva, and left Fatu hiva

Shortly after I finished last night’s exciting installment things changed. The dark cloud that had supplied all the rain water began to also issue a lot of lightning. Not much wind then so I ran the engine to get away from under. The NE wind returned and off we went sailing. That same wind carried us all the way to Fatu Hiva. The bay of Hanavave or Bay of Virgins is about the only anchorage on Fatu Hiva. I was there in 1988 and remembered it as a fairly open and easy to enter bay. As we approached tonight in the dark we could see a few lights. It was only when we approached VERY closely that we could discern several boats at anchor. In fact there were 6 or 7 large sailboats anchored cheek by jowl. They looked like they were almost touching in the light swell. It would have been quite a challenge to anchor amongst them in the daylight , let alone in the dark. Also it was very deep water, in fact we had no soundings just outside the anchored boats. What to do? We took the option to keep on sailing as there was nowhere else nearby to spend the night. So now we are reaching again through the night heading 40 miles to Hanamenu Bay on Tahuata Island. We should arrive at around dawn. It will be interesting to see if other places in the Marquesas are as busy as Hanavave. ###

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