Parked in the Rain

But the windows aren’t getting steamed up. We held our wind until yesterday mid morning, when it quit. We motored for a while yesterday afternoon then shut it off for a swim , a beer, and supper. We decided to just stop and wait for the wind tonight, with the mainsail up and in tight, and the tiller lashed. Now at 0230 a squall is passing over with heavy rain , so I have retreated from my sleeping place on the side deck to the cabin. We are 85 miles south of Fatu Hiva in the Marquesas. Maybe tomorrow if the wind is not cooperative, we’ll motor there. Right now, what little wind there is, is from the north. Let’s see,85 miles at 5 knots is 16 hours , at 2.2 L per hour is 35 litres. That’s $70. To get to anchor a day earlier. It’s quite comfortable here, but it’s not there. $70 is about 20 beers around here, actually there.. There are a couple of mild disincentives to motoring, other than money. The noise, the heat, the smell of exhaust. And I can’t be bothered digging out the autopilot, so we need to pay attention to the helm while under motor. Plus , it’s just plain annoying. Plus, in a minor way, there is the principle of the thing. The rain is HAMMERING down on the cabintop; I just changed the raincatcher jugs, one was full after 15 minutes. It is 29 degr C in th cabin and a bit humid. With this rain intensity ,the rain hose from the pilothouse roof fills the jugs like a garden hose at half throttle. A good steady flow. “Watameka bilong jisas” one might say in PNG. We have been out from Mangareva for nearly 7 days. ###

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