Bariloche, Argentina

By bus from Puerto Montt , chile to Bariloche , Argentina takes 6 hours. Another world.

From a working , gritty waterfront town to a dry, windy, high-end tourist town on the other side of the Andes, via Osorno.

This is a busy happening place , even though it is not really summer yet. Is it because of the economic stratification of Bariloche vs. Puerto Montt, that the Argentinians appear so different than the Chileans, or are they really that different?

Despite the prosperity ,and over supply of chocolate and leather shops in Bariloche, the hostel is only costing about $15 for the night.

The weather forecast , on the wet side in Puerto Montt was for rain and wind for a couple of days. Here it should be partly cloudy , with some wind , and about 15 C, so we might do some hiking , biking before returning on Sunday to Puerto Montt. then Ric is off to Canada on Monday.

Meanwhile , we have whiled away an hour or two sipping beer beside the town square in Bariloche , until the parrilla restaurants open at 7 pm and we can sample the Arg beef.

Toda bien, sin duda


Last evening at 1730 we arrived in Puerto Montt , Chile.Seven weeks ago we left Puerto Williams, Chile, near Cape Horn and we traveled about a thousand miles to get here. I left Puerto Montt last year on Sept 28th, 2011 , 13 months ago with Meredith.¬† I’ve spent about 8 months cruising the channels between Puerto Montt and the Horn. This was the dream. Unbelievable, that I got to do it. It is actually a bit hard to believe that it did happen. Sounds maybe a bit dramatic , but here we are sitting in the morning sun in the cockpit of the doughty little home made ship Silas Crosby, that has carried us so far , so far.

Now , there is time to rest, and look around, and enjoy the summer weather here.

Ric has a few days before flying home to Canada, so we might jump on a bus to go to Bariloche ,Argentina both to do some hiking and I can renew my tourist visa

This north-bound trip was not as difficult as I had imagined , but that was because my imagination had run wild anticipating the worst , or worse. We motored for at least 95% of the trip, putting 230 hours on the engine. At 4 or 5 knots. the arithmetic is easy.

Thanks to Ric for choosing to do this trip with me. A good mate.

The only near crisis was the battery boiling incident in the Magellan, from the failed starting battery (probably frozen last winter).

The boat will be in this area until February 2013, when Doug S and I will cast off for the South Pacific , then the North Pacific , tracing a wiggly line in a general NNW direction towards the Marquesas , Hawaii , and Alaska , and BC.

Meantime I have friends coming in 2 weeks for 2 weeks local sailing, then home for Xmas.

Cheers to friends , family, and unmet readers. Muchas gracias para su apoyo ! (thanks for your support). Especially Barb.

That’s it.