Caleta Olla

We sailed and motored with fluky winds the 60 miles to Caleta Olla from Puerto Williams. Arriving at 0100 we had a full moon and calm seas to help find our way in to the protected cove. It was beautiful. We could hear the Guanacos snorting and crying.

Radar was the key as the charting is not accurate. The GPS puts us well onto the land.

We anchored VERY shallow , so this morning we were hard aground and I was able to wade and change the prop shaft zinc. Needed doing. On the radio we hear that John on Faraway is still stuck in Caleta Teokita with a non functional engine. Sounds like he is getting closer to mobilty though. He isn’t happy with the idea of trying to sail the 38′ 40,000 lb wooden ketch without any engine. Slocum certainly did not find it easy either.

A short walk ashore , and by 11 am we were afloat again. Now we are motoring into variable gusty breezes , with mostly sun , and the glaciers in Canal Beagle , Brazo Norouest gleaming.

The barometer is dropping so I think we are in for a day or so of weather , but we should be able to struggle 7 miles more to Caleta Morning on Isla Gordon. 54 55.15, 69 29.95

Into The Channels , Once More

We are ready to go. We have our Zarpe and we are loaded with food, water , diesel , cooking gas. Bills in Puerto Williams are paid. I left a little flag on the wall of the Micalvi.

It is a sunny day with spring conditions, a moderate west wind in the Beagle Channel.

In short we are out of excuses and it is time to start the journey north towards Puerto Montt.


It is sunny


I left a little flag on the wallf the

Ship’s Complement Complete

Today at around noon , Ric arrived after a fast trip, by air, from Nanaimo. Thus , we are ready to leave Puerto Williams , except for waiting for a propane tank to be filled. Perhaps by Wednesday.

We spent several hours moving boats around among the rafts of boats tied to the Micalvi. It was calm and sunny , and even quite warm , up to 15 degr C. Perfect for the task. Bomika left for Ushuaia , Antipode moved around inside for more protection, Saturnin moved outside , and Silas Crosby moved outside , ready to head out. The conditions look good , a bit of wind on Friday , then back to light conditions.

The diesel tank is full ,the fuel jugs are full , the water tanks are full. We have a lot of food onboard. Everything seems to be go.

Yesterday I spent in the bush with Denis , Christophe , and Benedicta clearing part of the trail towards Lago Windhond on the south side of Isla Navarino. We packed an axe , a chainsaw , 3 machetes and other equipment several miles into the Southern Beech forest. It was a beautiful day , and good exercise. The snow had breakable crust but was only about 1/2 meter deep. Just enough for hard work.

We’ll buy more potatoes and onions tomorrow , maybe another bottle of Pisco , and go for a hike.