Plan: The Long Sail North: 55 S to 55 N

A plan has developed.

This plan almost has enough structure and certainty to commit to paper. Falling just short of that level of likeliness and finality, I shall key it into the computer.

One could make the 10,000 mile trip home to BC from Cape Horn by oneself, solo. However one doesn’t have the temerity or even inclination to do that, despite (or because of) some previous solo experience. Fortunately, I have the very good fortune to have friends that are able and willing to abandon their normal lives for several weeks to several months and join me aboard Silas Crosby for various parts of the northward journey.

Many ,many, in fact most, people have asked ; is Meredith continuing with the voyage ? A knowing guffaw would emanate from more than one party if they heard that question. Meredith has been there, and done that for 1 1/2 years! Without serious complaint and with all appearances of relishing the experience and even making it possible at all. Wisely and expectedly she has moved on to other adventures. She hopes they involve killing more chickens and cooking with friends,I imagine. Among many other activities.

I have (almost certainly) decided to sail back north up the channels of Chilean Patagonia to Puerto Montt. I’d like to take the time to sail to the Falklands, but it is not likely , mostly for logistical reasons and time constraints.

My goal was to explore the Chilean Channels, and this will give me more opportunity to do that. We had a look at the Horn. The Falklands and South Georgia and even the Antarctic Peninsula will have to wait for another trip,maybe on someone else’s bigger boat, as crew (that would be nice).

Also I am letting go, for now, of the possibilities of sailing up the east coast of South America or across to South Africa.

Leg One: Puerto Williams to Puerto Montt, via Puerto Natales- Sept 2012 to Nov 2012

about 1000 miles against the wind. We have about 8 or 9 weeks, which will be pushing it. Ric R. has generously agreed to help on this trip, even though he knows it may involve little sailing, and cold, wet, and windy weather. We may also have a week or more at a time waiting in some isolated cove in the western reaches of Magellania for the weather to moderate.

If necessary , from Puerto Natales we could take the offshore route to Boca de Guafo and shorten the approach to Puerto Montt.

Leg 2 Puerto Montt to Hawaii via Juan Fernandez, and the Marquesas. Jan 2013 to April 2013. This is a long way Р600 miles to Juan Fernandez , 3700 on the Marquesas , then another 2100 on to Hawaii. we could stop at the Gambier Islands as well. we will start by getting north to the trades  then broad reaching across the SE trades to Marquesas , across the ITCZ and reaching through the NE trades to Hawaii. A doddle.

Doug S. has signed up for this long pelagic trip, anticipating warmer conditions and good sailing , but mostly bad hiking and limited cultural offering. Maybe the two week break in the Marquesas where we can make good use of his French language skills , and go hiking, will partially compensate.

Leg 3 Hawaii to Unimak Is. in the Aleutians. This is only about 1900 miles due north from Hawaii. June 2013.

Rob H and Koos V have committed as much as one can for a plan one year in the future. Out of the warmth and a return to cold and damp, and hopefully interesting birds.

Leg 4  Aleutians to Comox BC via Kodiak Is , Pr William Sd , etc etc, July to October 2013: 1500 to 2000 miles depending on detours.

Former crew such as Barbara D and Susan M have expressed a little interest in participating in some of this leg. Maybe others will raise their hand as the time approaches.

That’s actually more like a total of 11 or 12 thousand miles. “Many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip” is always to be kept in mind , but nevertheless this is a plan. Open to revision, but a good guide.

Three more weeks of work in Courtenay to add to the bank account, then a long flight to the snowy south near Cape Horn.

Daunting and exciting.