Midsummer on Isla Vancouver, and Midwinter on Isla Navarino

While I am enjoying the summer in the Comox Valley on Vancouver ,BC , Canada visiting family and friends( and working), the Silas Crosby is secured to the Micalvi in Puerto Williams , Chile. Courtenay is at about 49 degr N while Puerto Williams is about 55 degr S, and lies about 50 miles north of Cape Horn.

Denis Chevallay of Fuegia and Co in Puerto Williams is keeping a watchful eye on the yacht , running the engine once in a while, and yesterday he had to shovel 50 cms of snow off the deck. He sent a few photos taken yesterday , June 12th, showing that when the sun shines it is a stunning place.

I will be flying back to Puerto Williams in late August to resume the adventure. The plan , at this moment and subject to change right up to the last minute, is to sail back up the Chilean coast , again through the islands and inlets of Patagonia. Hopefully to arrive back at Puerto Montt before Christmas this year. From there , in early 2013 we shall sail out to the Marquesas , then northwest to Hawaii, then north to Alaska.

I have 2 or 3 friends keen to help sail the boat for the return trip. There is even one friend who is keen to sail from Puerto Williams to Puerto Montt, which will be persistently against the wind and weather for a thousand miles. It will be fun without actually being a lot of fun.

MEANTIME , back in BC ,Meredith and Graham and Robin are having a great trip kayaking the BC and SE Alaska coasts. In a month and a half they are nearly at Skagway. Lots of cold wet weather. Daily Spot contact for position only. Voice contact from Prince Rupert, BC and Petersburg, Ak. It will be great to hear the details and images from that trip.


I will be picking up the blog again regularly when I leave Canada, and fly south to late winter in Chile. Meantime ,we are harvesting salad greens from the garden daily and the strawberries are nearly ready to eat. Barb is getting used to sharing her house and time for a few months.

What a life.