Windy Days in Puerto Williams

Ok , I was hoping to go for another sail but it is too windy with 40 or 50 knots in the Beagle.


Another yacht was wrecked 2 days ago not far away. Engine quit , anchored and the chain or anchor failed. Boom onto the rocks and holed. Vagalan by name.


A 50┬┤Chinese boat sailed in with 6 aboard on a 7 month circumnigation.

I am starting to organise the boat for a 4month lay up.

Lots of boats waiting here for the wind to die off a bit

Meredith’s Birthday and Blog’s End

It is 0300 hrs and I am up adjusting lines. We were bouncing on the gravel bottom at low tide here in Puereto Toro.

It is Meredith’s 26th birthday today, 2 days after rounding the Horn. She has been crewing on the boat since we left Vancouver Island 18 months ago. In a few day she will return by air to Canada. That is a long time to put up with the conditions on this boat, but she did it with a smile. We have had a great adventure , and now it is time for a change , and perhaps a rest.

If the wind allows, we will sail the 23 miles along the Beagle west to Puerto Williams later today.

Yesterday was a long slog to windward in beautiful weather from the Wollaston Islands, back to Isla Navarino again.

Happy Birthday, Meredith!

Much Later : we left Puerto Toro at 0700 hrs and mostly motored the 25 miles to Puerto Williams. Passing by a penguin colony and a big group of dolphins.

We are tied up at the Micalvi Yacht Club in Puerto Williams again.

And so ends the Adventure to Now.

Meredith leaves in 2 days , and I may do a bit of sailing locally, some hiking in the local mtns, and work on storing the boat away for 4 months. Then I will fly home to renew several things, in about 4 weeks..

I likely will not post blogs much, if at all, between now and next August.

It has been great thinking of specific readers as I have been writing. Thanks Barb, Kim , Harry ,Dave , Roly, (who all commented often so I knew they were there) and all the others who followed our progress over the last 18 months.

What a Trip! Hasta luego.

The Horn and back

Well , we sailed ,hard on a fresh breeze, to the Horn this morning. Then we turned and came back amongst the L’Hermite and Wollaston islands to finally anchor in Caleta Lientur at 55 43.55 S 67 18.9W. It has been blowing 15 to 30 knots ENE with lots of gusts and direction changes. Cloudy with sunny periods. Pretty good weather for here.

As we heaved along off the Horn , I did not have any kind of inclination to keep heading south to the Antarctic.

In fact , more and more , a nice cruise in the Strait of Georgia would suit me.

As we sailed south this morning we called into the Patagonia Cruiser’s radio net. We learned today that a South African yacht , La Rose, was a complete loss while trying to enter the tiny harbour at Easter Island. ‘La Rose’ had recently sailed from Chile to Easter Island to start a South Pacific cruise. Nobody died or was injured, fortunately.

Who knows how a boat is completely lost while entering a harbour with surf, but the imagination runs wild. Very scary.( Edited)


Also on the net this morning was ‘Nemo of Sweden’ This boat is being sailed back from the Antarctic by the crew member , singlehandedly. The skipper had to be medevaced by the Argentinian military from an Antarctic Base recently because of a deterioration of a pre-existing psychiatric disorder. Poor guy.

These two incidents cast a bit of a pall over the otherwise really fun proceedings.

Now we will see how the wind treats us for our return on the 55 mile trip to Puerto Williams. Tomorrow is forecast to be 20 to 25 knots from the north, which is where we want to go. So we might have to wait a day or two.

This is not a great anchorage, but in this wind it may be the best around.

No plans to pierce an ear, to piss into the wind , or put my feet on the table any more than usual. I guess I could get a ‘Cape Horn’ t-shirt but I would need four layers over it to stay warm.

What we need here is a little perspective.