Puerto Consuelo in the Summer

Christmas has come and gone and we had a pleasant social time with Christmas Eve lamb aboard ‘Freydis’ , Christmas morning ‘stollen’ bread aboard ‘Silas Crosby’ ,and Christmas beef dinner aboard ‘Companera’.

Meredith gave me a beautiful warm pair of hand knitted (by herself) socks, and a memory stick with a bunch of ‘Jack Reacher’ novels loaded for my kindle. I gave her a tacky commemorative mug with pictures of Felipe Camirroaga (a long story) and a lot of nuts and dried fruit. Harry had left us a gift packet of Toblerone, beer , and dried fruit. Much Appreciated , Harry!

The weather has been dry and warm, but windy in the day.

Jill and Doug aboard ‘Companera’ have two rowboats aboard their 47′ motorsailer. These are NOT ordinary rowboats. The single is 19.5′ long and is based on a Necky double kayak. Jill has rowed this very boat around Spitsbergen , the length of the coast of Norway, the length of Labrador , and a lot of travelling around SE Alaska. She rowed a different boat through the NW Passage. Doug was paddling a kayak for the first few trips but switched over to rowing several trips ago. They also have a double rowboat aboard. Meredith and I have had the opportunity and privilege to row in both boats over the past few days. Neither of us had rowed with sliding seats and outriggers before. These boats fly. A five knot average is not difficult. Nine foot hollow spoon blade oars. Seno Eberhard extends another 3 or 4 miles beyond Puerto Consuelo , eventually ending in mud shallows with lots of waterbirds and the attendant birds of prey. After a few hours of rowing , I cannot say that I am smooth , but I am enjoying the exercise and can look around a bit. No capsizes. Jill is a good instructor.

Meredith has headed off this morning to go to Puerto Natales , and then by bus to Torres del Paine for 4 days of backpacking. She is going to do the ‘W’ rather than the ‘full circuit’. This is high season so she will not be lonely. I filled the water tanks today from the Eberhard estancia water source.

The yacht ‘Necessity’ just called on the radio. Jans and his wife have just arrived in Puerto Natales and are on their way to Puerto Consuelo 10 miles farther on. I last saw Jans at Sausalito and before that he was at our house in Courtenay for the going-away party in August 2010. I had forgotten completely that they were considering sailing to Chile.

So, we will be in this area for another week or two befroe sailing on south towards the Magellanes region.