At Puerto Consuelo for Christmas.

We are at 51 36.5 S 72 39.7W at Puerto Consuelo , Seno Eberhardt. It is about 10 miles by sea from Puerto Natales. We are anchored in 6′ on mud. Surrounded by dryish hills with the icy Andes not too far away. Temperature inside and out is 23 degr C !!!. Windy but brilliantly sunny and nice and warm in the lee. Looks like good walking and lots of birds. We are anchored just off the Estancia pioneered by Eberhardt in 1893. ‘Freydis’ is already here and ‘Companera’ will be here in a few hours. So a jolly Christmas is in store for us.

We had some fun yesterday – not. It was blowing like stink , but we wanted to go into town anyways. I wanted to return at 1300 hrs to be around the boat because of the wind , but the ferry had shut down for lunch and because of the wind for a couple of hours. So Jill and Doug of Companera and I went for pizza instead to wait for the next ferry. We could see the boats about 1/2 mile away across the harbour – no problem. Meredith was in a coffeeshop on the wifi. We walked back to the harbour at 1500 and met Meredith coming up the street in a lather. She had gone for a stroll and noticed that the boat was not where it should be. Sometime while I was eating pizza the boat had started dragging across the harbour , and finally stopped when the anchor re-set in the shallows off the town. A couple of Armada guys had borrowed a zodiac from a tour operator and went aboard to help. Meredith called out to them and was picked up. Together they hoisted the anchor and motored back across the harbour and secured to a mooring. I was oblivious until it was all done. Excellent. Meredith did a great job at running the boat , and at convincing the Armada sailors that she knew what she was about , and that they should bend to her will.

What went wrong? We anchored in 15′ when we could have anchored in 6′. The 15′ was on the edge of a shelf so that our stern was in 50′ and the wind was trying to pull the anchor away from a bank , and it succeeded. Also we put scope out for 15′ , and we should have had scope for about 50′ , in other words all the 150′ of chain and some 3/4” line. No point in carrying it around if we are not going to use it. Even the ‘wonderful’ Rocna anchor needs to be used properly. All the above being said the ‘lee shore’ was very benign and the consequences of going up on the beach there would have been minimal, especially in this boat. But Still, dude!

So we wish everybody a Happy Christmas (mostly in the Northern Hemisphere) especially to Barb and Gavin and Susie and Harry and Kim and Claire and Dave and Chris gathered on Dysart to festivate. Skol! , Prost! , Cheers! , and Salud!

from Steve and Meredith near Puerto Natales (Puerto Consuelo) en este Navidad.

(ps I will not have access to gmail again for a while. So sailmail is it for now).