made it to Parrot Cove

After our dismal failure (a jest) yesterday and the accompanying learning experience with the vicious squalls of these waters, we escaped from Estero Dock this morning at Oh Dark hundred (0630). Then we motored for an hour before getting a light westerly. This developed into 20 to 25 knots westerly and a driving cold , penetrating, wetting , pervasive rain. By 1530 we were triced into Caleta Paroquet (?parakeet) {50 39.6 S 74 33.2 W} and the heater is drying everything and everybody. Three shorelines and the anchor in a skinny little bay that’s 30′ deep. The very odd thing to me , is that there are Parakeets around at 50 south ( like NZ), and they are quite exotic-looking.

We are very near a little bay called Puerto Bueno which is neither a Port or Bueno. That’s why we are not anchored there. But Puerto Bueno is famous for two things: the first is that Sarmiento ( a big name hereabouts) hid out from Drake in this bay about 400 years ago. Drake was around the area , generally scourging. Also, in 1956, the cutter Mischief lurked there while the owner and a fellow climber crossed the Icecap. We are well and truly into the shite weather for which the region is famous. We will dig out the insulated boots tomorrow morning. Today we had 4 layers on the torso , two hoods and a toque on the head, and 2 leg layers. Nearly mid-summer. tra la la la. But all is well now , in the early evening, fortified by a Dorada Cerveza Extra Fuerte 6% , I bear up.

I salute the birthday tomorrow , of Barb , at home , who remains ,as ever, 29. Thirty years of marriage notwithstanding. Cheers and best wishes (and other stuff) to you, Sweetie.

Tomorrow ,if clemency in the weather can be discovered , we may sail through Angostura Guia (Guide Narrows).

As we anchored today we had a call on the VHF radio. Our AIS unit is always running when we are underway , sending and receiving. A 200m ship called us by name to say that they were about to pass through the narrows and we should pass “port to port”. I explained that we were well clear of the narrows and were in fact anchored. The English speaking pilot thanked us for responding, then asked if there was anything that they could do for us. Only in retrospect did we come up with a list of requirements. More chocolate. We could choke down some ice-cream of course. Too late. A thoughtful gesture though.

Meredith reads aloud from HW Tilman , for amusement and inspiration. Gore-tex , paaaaaghhh! His travails with crew , weather , and vessel make our little jaunt seem like a kindergarten field-trip. Actually , a kindergarten field trip could be quite epic , I guess.

Better here I think.