Hemispheric Symmetry

We are in a little cove called Caleta Nassi Bal. I cannot explain the name. The position is 49 45.6 S 74 26.9 W.

Home , which is Courtenay , BC ,Canada is at 49 degr 41 N latitude. Sometime today we passed the same south latitude. Really , the only significance is that we are a long, long way from home and we got here very slowly(and expensively).

Having blown into Puerto Eden yesterday in a gale, today we left in the gentlest of zephyrs that wafted us down Paso Indio into Paso del Abismo in mostly sunny weather. We were able to tie to the dock and refill our tanks with fresh water , which is even easier than at a creek. We don’t need fuel at this point.

We covered about 35 miles and drifted through some really spectacular country. On our west side is Isla Wellington with many mountains capped by permanent icecaps. The Comox Glacier is nice and it’s handy, but it is a little bit toy-like in comparison. The vegetation is getting sparser , revealing the bones of the mountains. All hard ,glacier scoured rock. We saw 2 boats drawn up on the beach as we passed. They were at a semi-permanent camp where they harvest and smoke wild mussels. Otherwise , no signs of human activity.

I found out that Capt R Mayne was surveying this country for the Royal Navy sometime in the 19th century in the ship “Nassau”. This is the same Capt Mayne that surveyed BC waters , I think in a different ship. But he used a lot of the same place names. We have been moving every day for a while now , and we are a lot closer to Puerto Natales. So now we can slow down a bit and explore , and hopefully walk.

We were escorted into the anchorage by a group of Dusky Dolphins (I think). The dolphin escort at the end of the day is almost routine now. Always welcome.