Eleven Days From Cape Flattery

That’s 6 days to Pt Reyes and 5 days since.
I hung Doug Swanson’s Wifi antenna in the rigging here in Sausalito and now we have a faster internet access for a while. Here come my pictures. Meredith packed her computer ashore to upload her photos.

Now how hard can it be to get photos from the Olympus program to the WordPress blogsite? Too hard for me right now. Ok I’ll try once more. Nah.

I washed the floor this morning. Spilled food at sea and salt goo.

The crapper plugged up 3 days ago and John performed the repair job. A s****y job. This unit is supposed to be able to flush a horse without blocking. Team meeting. Someone isn’t chewing their horses properly. Be it resolved that if it happens again , nothing that hasn’t been thoroughly chewed will be deposited in yon toilet. That will mean TP in a bag, because we ain’t gonna chew it ! Of course the resulting collection would be carried ashore for proper disposal.

Mer took the bus to San Rafael to get a re-conditioned bike and rode it the 25 miles back to Sausalito :mobility.

A gathering aboard Ka’sala last eve to champagne toast the trip down the coast. Doug and Lyneita of Ka’sala and Paul and Julie of Mia 2, and us 3.
We also ended up toasting the memory of missing sons. John and Paul both lost sons at ages 24.

OK ,time to launch a kayak for some exercise.

Pictures later (or it didn’t happen)

Later , here are the photos. Abandoned Olympus software and loaded Picasa , which seems to work.