Cortes Island Cruise

I had a few days off work and was tired of working on boat projects. I conjured up an excuse to sail to Cortes Is. Karl on Lungta was out sailing around. He usually only cruises in the winter and spends the summer in the mountains.
Amanda and Barry Glickman live on Gorge Harbour on Cortes. They had spent 5 years on their 47′ aluminum Van de Stadt, ‘Darwin’s Passage’ sailing in the channels of Chile. I learned a thing or two from them.
Hubert Havelaar lives and works in Gorge harbour and keeps an Alberg 35 , Osprey, moored in front of his house.

A calm ,sunny dawn with a light offshore breeze.[album: Cruise/]

I had a great light wind sail on a SE breeze past Sentry Shoal and Mitlenatch Island to Cortes Is and Gorge Harbour. Karl and Daryl on the ‘Lungta’ were moored and I rafted up. We went ashore for a good meal at Havelaar’s.

The ‘Emma’ was moored nearby owned by Chris and Tracy of Maple Bay. This is the Ericson 37 formerly named ‘Egregious’ that was sailed around the world by Webb Chiles. Looks in good shape.

[album: 2/]

We went across the harbour to visit a new house that was recently built by Hubert to house John Christensen and his wife. A cool house with a great outlook. Won’t go to windward at all. Same view day after day.

I sailed in company with Karl to Heriot Bay for crew changes. A good breeze allowed some sailing photography.[album: 3/]

Check out the ‘Moonbeard’. I did not get a chance to do a full inspection. I don’t know if this boat is a Marco Polo or a Bill Garden design or what ?. Totally clean and well equipped.

We returned to Gorge Harbour after picking up Meredith , this time to visit with the Glickmans.

They had the ‘Darwin’s Passage’ , a 47′ Van de Stadt aluminum Trintella that they rebuilt in the Carribean. They spent several years sailing in Chile. They also went to the Antarctic , the Falklands , and the South Shetlands. They sold the Darwin’s Passage in Florida , then cruised the Med in ‘PapaRumba’ , a 40 steel Van de Stadt for 2 years. Eventually they ran out of time and shipped the boat home to BC.

[album: 4/]

We picked up a mooring just off the Glickman’s dock.

You can see some interesting boats in Gorge Harbour. See the really big white power yacht ? That is ‘After Eight’ based in Vancouver. That is not Brent Swain’s boat. See the smaller dark hulled sailboat beside or in front of After Eight ? That is ‘Easy Street’ , Brent’s 31 footer. Who is having more fun?

I rowed by to say hi to Brent. He was visiting aboard the ‘Impossible’. This is a 53′ steel boat (Roberts ?) that was formerly owned by Jim Whittaker of mountaineering fame.

We spent a very useful evening with Amanda and Barry , learning a lot about sailing the Chilean Canales. I took Meredith back to Quadra Island for her next kayak guiding trip.

I tacked south from Heriot Bay into 15k SE breeze , arriving to anchor in the Copeland Islands in mid-evening.

In the morning ,after paddling the kayak around the Copelands , I made sail to use a 15 -18 k NW breeze. Beauty ! Under full sail (but for the fore topsail) was the Pacific swift tacking N to Desolation Sound.

[album: 5/]

I sailed out through Baker passage and turned south between Mitlenatch Island and Savary Island. Sweet sailing.

I carried the wind right to the Comox breakwater to complete a good sailing trip.

As I passed by Cape Lazo , I called the Comox CG Station to see if they could pick me up on their AIS unit. They replied that they do not officially have AIS yet , but that I was showing up with all the pertinent vessel data on their ‘unofficial’ AIS unit. That is good to know when we use it offshore.

I do have an off switch for the transmit function of the AIS.

I was picking up AIS class A targets up to 70 miles away and class B up to 25 miles away.

Interestingly I saw the ‘Fleur Australe’ 25 miles away on the AIS. This is the 60′ (roughly) sailboat owned and sailed by Philippe Poupon of Vendee Globe notoriety , among other sailing exploits. He and his family transited the NW Passage last summer and left the boat in Alaska.

Waiting for me at home was a big package of charts from Bellingham Chart Printers for the Galapagos and Chile , along with a light list for the W coast of N and S America.

Looks like the fuel system air leak is fixed.

A good trip.