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Here are some shots of various aspects of the sailboat Silas Crosby. [album:]


I guess pretty much everyone but me knows the meaning of the acronym W.C.S.A.

I am reading parts of Basil Lubbock’s The Last of the Windjammers, 1927 edition, about 500 pages.
Details of the square-riggers trying to weather Cape Stiff, W to E , 50 S to 50 S lat.
That is the definition of ’rounding the Horn’ ; 50 to 50.
WCSA means the west coast of South America , nothing dramatic. This acronym is still in use in commercial shipping. Lubbock used the acronym immediately, with no explanation ; common knowledge.

This volume by Lubbock was kept on a bookshelf at Dave and Boo Barker’s house , my aunt and uncle. Boo is Silas Crosby’s grand daughter, but I don’t think that is how they came into possession of the book. They used to live down the road from us in North Vancouver. Now they live in an apartment in West Vancouver. I don’t know why they had this book ( I will find out). I coveted the book and asked if they would leave it to me in their estate. Instead, they gave it to me when they sold the house and moved.
It is full of stirring stories of survival and shipwreck. Bad weather and unreasonable persistence.

There are several other good books I have read in preparation for our planned voyages:
(in no special order)

Rounding The Horn by Dallas Murphy
A very readable combination of history of sailing in the Cape Horn area and an account of the author’s charter yacht trip aboard the Pelagic with skipper Hamish Laird.

Sailing The Pacific by Miles Hordern
Much better than the usual voyage account of an English schoolteacher sailing his 28′ production yacht from NZ to Chile and back. Unassuming , undramatic and methodical. Has a bit of an existential crisis , but only when he has made it all the way to the eastern tropical Pacific

Two Against the Horn by Hal Roth
Good to re-read. I can’t see that anyone ever anchors where Roth chose to anchor and Whisper drove on the beach. A bit exposed. However we now have the huge advantage of cruising guides to the Cp Horn area. Who would have thought ? We cruised in a Spencer 35 like Whisper for 6 yrs.

Berserk In The Antarctic can’t think of the author right now.
The title sums it up. A great read and a mad trip. But they survived. Dallas Murphy (see above) met the skipper , Jarli, after he had returned from an assumed watery grave. We almost bought a Vega 27 several years ago , but not to go to the antarctic. These guys are still cruising , but now in a bigger steel boat. They were arrested last summer in the NW Passage by the RCMP for not doing any paperwork. None. You should probably do a little bit of paperwork.

Enough on books for now.

Today I was working on getting the liferaft cradle installed on the the aft cabintop. I am using Spectra webbing slings to secure the SS cradle to the welded handrails and padeyes. I am not drilling any holes in the steel shell. I will need to weld/modify the cradle a bit to accept some good sized SS shackles.

Gary Purchase came by. He has a beautiful 38′ wooden troller , the Eden Lake. He has been salmon fishing for summers for decades up around Haida Gwai. He seems to spend as much time gunkholing around looking for good fly-fishing streams as he does commercial salmon trolling. There is a guy who loves the coast. He says he wishes he had done some sailboat cruising. I am looking forward to exploring the BC coast (and Alaska). Where is Culpepper Lagoon? That’s where the Eden lake is heading tomorrow.[album: Gear/]

Here’s a picture of our storm sails and a couple of photos of the Jordan series Drogue that I made (over 2 winters ) from a Sailrite kit.